Anza Athletic Club

The fitness and sport facilities at Anza Athletic Club provide Quail Creek residents and guests with a multitude of choices, from aquatic and aerobic to tennis and yoga activities.

Club Information:

1490 N. Quail Range Loop, BLDG #4
Green Valley, AZ 85614


Mark Jacobson

Hours of Operation:

Anza Athletic Club Staffing Hours:

  • Mon - Fri: 5 AM -10 PM
  • Sat - Sun: 5 AM to 9 PM

Pool Hours:

  • Daily: 4 AM - 11 PM
  • Daily Children's Hours:
    • 11 AM - 1 PM
    • 4 PM - 6 PM

Anza Athletic Club Logo

The Anza Athletic Club is handicapped accessible.
A fully automated portable lift is available to access either of the pools or the whirlpool.

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Equipment Orientation:

Available with an appointment - Call or stop at the Reception Desk

Quail Creek 5K Run

2019 Quail Creek 5K Run Slide Show
Photos courtesy of Al Miller

Entry Procedures

Resident Information:

During the hours Anza is open, membership cards must be presented upon entry, whether using the fitness facilities or the pool.  When Anza is closed, a key for the gate will be needed to access the pool area.

Renter Information:

Upon entry, renters must show their Robson identification card to the fitness staff.  Each renter must have their own card, which grants them access to use the gym and pool areas, attend classes or other activities. When Anza is closed, a key for the gate will be needed to access the pool area.

Guest Information:

Guest are welcome to use the fitness and pool facilities.  Guests must either have a Guest Identification card issued by the Concierge staff or be accompanied by their sponsor (resident or renter) at all times.  Guests will need to check in at the Anza reception desk and sign the daily waiver sheet.


Anza Athletic Club is pleased to offer state of the art Life Fitness equipment for all fitness levels, including treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent and upright bicycles, strength machines and full range of free weights.  Our cardio machines are equipped with internet, cable TV and WIFI.

Visit our Rincon Core & Stretching Room featuring a True Stretch with multiple stretching options, a Precor back stretch, ab crunch, two stretch tables, rollers, stability and balance balls, free hand weights and Bosu Balance Trainer.

Equipment Orientation is available by appointment.  Call or stop at the Reception Desk.

Intructors / Classes

Angelika Adkins

  • Gentle Yoga

Aprylmarie Heule

  • Aprylmarie’s Stretch Class
  • Low Impact Aerobics

Callie Norbury

  • Barre Belles
  • Beginning Body Balance Yoga
  • Body Balance Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Mindful Yoga

Christina Perez

  • Silver Sneakers Classic Cardio

DeeDee Polanco


Dinah Shumway

  • Beginner Senior Ballet

Joel Rosenfeld

  • Qi Gong

Karen Baker

  • Cardio Pump
  • Fusion Fit
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga for Men

Kathe Alves

  • Community HIIT FIT

Margit Sparks

  • Keep Moving, Seniors!

Nancy Sakal

  • Dancin’ with Nancy

Sandy Boyer

  • Dancercize

Shawna Garcia

  • Pound Fit
  • Zumba Toning

Terra Robarts

  • Tai Chi


Massages are available by appointment.  Massages may be scheduled by calling Anza Reception at 520-393-5819 or contacting Kim McGowan directly.

Kim McGowan, R.M.T., C.M.T.
Holistic Bodywork Practitioner

Kim offers the following services:  therapeutic massage, reflexology, relaxation, lymphatic, sports and tissue massage.  Chakra balance, Reiki, aromatherapy, hot stone, cranial sacral and polarity.

Personal Trainers

Laura Adams, PharmD
Personal Trainer/Certified Diabetes Educator


  • Training Consultations
  • Personal Training(Core, Balance, Strength, Endurance)
  • Corrective Exercise, Pre-Post Rehabilitation Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

After  her  son  was  diagnosed  with  Type  I  Diabetes  in  2006,  Laura  Adams  attended  the University  of  Arizona  and  obtained  her  Doctorate  of  Pharmacy.  Her  passion  for  helping  the community  while  helping  her  family  set  her  on  the  path  of  providing  diabetes  education  in  the rural  areas  of  Arizona.  The  triad  of  health  and  wellness,  well-being,  and  improving  the  quality of  life  includes  nutrition  and  exercise,  with  some  requiring  medications.  Making  changes  in nutrition,  exercise,  activities  of  daily  living,  educating  on  awareness  and  prevention  of  disease, she  believes  wellness  is  truly  a  lifestyle  change.  Laura's  daily  motivation  is  to  help  her community  while  helping  her family,  inspire  others  and  make  an  impact  on  their  lives.  To  help her clients  and  patients,  Laura  obtained  certifications  as  a  personal training  and  yoga  instructor, focusing  on  functional  movement,  flexibility,  group  fitness,  kettle  bells,  corporate  wellness, emergency  medicine,  medication  therapy  management,  pain  management,  diabetes  education, as  well  as  Pre-  and  Post-  rehabilitation  training.  She  has  overcome  her  own  challenges  in weight  loss,  hormone  imbalance,  and  adrenal  fatigue  through  nutrition,  fitness,  and  life  style changes.  She  enjoys  continually  learning  and  in  the  process  of  another  fitness  certification, along  with  continuing  education  for  nutrition,  diabetes,  and  pharmacy.  She  enjoys  being  active, working  out,  competing,  eating  right,  challenging  herself,  spending  quality  time  with family/friends,  and  helping others  do  the  same. 

"A  healthy  lifestyle  not  only changes  your  body,  it  changes your  mind, your attitude  and your  mood." 

Crossfit  L 1/L2,  RYT  200 Yoga  Instructor,  PharmD,  BLS/CPR/AED 

Tom Dean
Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified

Tom  is  an  energetic Personal Trainer specializing in  senior fitness conditioning. He  has 20  years of  experience designing fitness  programs to  accommodate clients'  needs and fitness  abilities.  Tom  was with the  Air  Force for  four years as  a  physical conditioning specialist. 

Current Professional Certification

ISSA Senior and Personal Fitness Training


  • Fitness Assessments
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Flexible and Creative
  • Former Triathlete
  • Personable and Friendly

Personal and Philosophy:

Tom  is  a  Quail  Creek  resident who  enjoys  Golf  and  Pickle  Ball.  He  has  been  involved  in  fitness  and  athletics throughout  his  life  and  loves  being  active  in  triathlons,  swimming,  cycling  and  cross  fit  training.  Tom  is passionate  about  helping others  incorporate  fitness  habits to  achieve  a  healthy  lifestyle.  He  challenges  his clients to  see the strength  in  themselves and push to  new  levels.  No matter what stage  of  fitness,  he  creates a personal workout tailored to  each client's individual goals.  He  believes that when we  CHANGE OUR MIND, we are then  able to  CHANGE OUR BODY,  which  ultimately CHANGES OUR LIFE forever! 

Contact Information:

Please contact the Anza Athletic Club at 520-393-5819 to schedule your appointment with Tom.


Blood pressure checks, courtesy of the Quail Creek Nurses Group,  are available the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 10 AM to 12:00 PM.

Our staff is fully trained in Heartsaver - First Aid, CPR, AED