Target your advertising to residents in Quail Creek.

When you advertise with us, your advertisement is listed in our daily email newsletter "What's Happening in Quail Creek" as well as listed on our Quail Creek website.

  1. What's Happening Daily (M-F) Email:  Advertisements on "What's Happening" include the Business name, Short Description of the business, and a link to to your ad on the Quail Creek website. Advertisements in What's Happening are limited to 144 characters. All advertisers are listed alphabetically at the end of the daily newsletter. Different advertisers are featured each day at the top of the newsletter. 

  2. Advertisements on the Quail Creek website:  Advertisers are listed alphabetically on the Quail Creek website. Your business listing may include graphics as well as text, depending on your business need.

"What's Happening at Quail Creek" is emailed to over 3,300 residents daily, Monday through Friday.

Advertisers are featured at the top of the daily What's Happening email. All advertisers are listed at the bottom of the email. Featured advertisers are rotated on a daily basis.

For more information contact:

Daryl Laux