Traffic Regulations

Article 4 - Traffic Regulations

Quail Creek Property Owners Association RulesApproved November 23, 2015

4.1 General

  • 4.11  These regulations are for the protection and well-being of Quail Creek residents, guests, and others who are either pedestrians or operate vehicles within the development. Noncompliance may result in a fine being assessed.  These regulations pertain to all pedestrians and vehicles unless specified otherwise.

  • 4.12  Vehicles include, but are not limited to:  automobiles, trucks, golf carts, recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, motorcycles, bicycles and maintenance vehicles.

  • 4.21  Citations for violations of traffic regulations will be issued by Patrol and fines will be assessed as shown below. (Fines collected are deposited into the general account of the Property Owners Association.) In the case of a minor violation the officer may, at his or her discretion, issue a warning citation that does not carry a fine.  Warning citations will not be issued for serious moving violations such as excessive speeding, failure to observe stop signs, operating vehicles on sidewalks or in the wrong direction on streets, or other unsafe operation; for parking violations that create a hazard or block the necessary flow of traffic; or for violations of the regulations specific to recreational, commercial, and other special vehicles. Instead a fineable citation will be issued.  If a warning citation is issued and it is subsequently discovered that a citation for a similar violation was issued within the previous twelve (12) months, the warning citation shall be changed to a fineable citation.

  • 4.22  The fines for violations of traffic regulations will be:

  • A) 1st fineable citation in the prior twelve (12) month period:  $75

  • B)  2nd fineable citation in the prior twelve (12) month period: $150

  • C)  Each additional fineable citation in the prior twelve (12) month period:  Double the previous fine.

4.3 Moving Violations

  • 4.31  It is a violation to exceed established speed limits within the boundaries of Quail Creek. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limits are 25 miles per hour in residential areas and 15 miles per hour in front of or around any of the community buildings and in parking lots.

  • 4.32  Vehicles must come to a full stop at all stop signs and yield to other vehicles and pedestrians prior to proceeding.  This includes stop signs on golf cart paths, at crossing streets and on roads.

  • 4.33  Arizona State vehicle laws apply within Quail Creek. 

  • 4.34   Only people age 16 or older may operate a golf cart.

  • 4.35  All drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, or others using off-street paths, must comply with posted restrictions or limitations.  Examples: Pedestrians Only or Golf Carts, Bicycles, Pedestrians Only.

  • 4.36  At intersections with four-way stop signs, vehicles other than golf carts and bicycles must not enter multi-purpose lanes to make turns and must yield to golf carts, bicycles and pedestrians in those lanes.

  • 4.37  The South entrance gate to Quail Creek (near the community of Stone House) is for the use of Quail Creek residents only. Visitors, contractors, and other commercial vehicles are to enter the development through the main gate. It is a violation for unauthorized vehicles to enter the development through this gate.

  • 4.38  Pedestrians using designated multi-purpose lanes on Quail Creek roadways must always face on-coming traffic and yield to on-coming golf carts and bicycles.     

4.4 Parking Violations

  • 4.41  A parked vehicle is one that is unoccupied or unattended.

  • 4.42  In general, parking is permitted only in residential garages, on residential driveways, on paved residential streets, and in paved common area parking lots and other such designated areas. In particular, vehicle parking (including golf carts) is not allowed along Quail Crossing Boulevard, Quail View Loop, or Quail Range Loop; or on undeveloped lots or unpaved commons areas. Exceptions may be made by Patrol for maintenance and construction vehicles, and for special events or circumstances.

  • 4.43  Signage, markings, and other designations related to parking must be observed. These include No Parking signs, fire lanes, parking spaces reserved for vehicles displaying handicapped plates or permits, and spaces reserved for golf carts.

  • 4.44  Parking is not permitted within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

  • 4.45  In order not to impede emergency vehicles, vehicles cannot be parked closer than 75 feet from another vehicle parked on the opposite side of the street.

  • 4.46  Parking between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. is not permitted on streets, or in the parking lots at the Grill and the Clubhouse.  Parking is permitted at the Anza Athletic Club and the Creative Arts and Technology Center when the facilities are open.   Exceptions for special events or circumstances can be made by Patrol.

  • 4.47  It is a violation to park a vehicle in a manner or location that creates a safety hazard, such as blocking an intersection, driveway, or parking area; hindering the view of drivers approaching an intersection; blocking access of emergency vehicles, or otherwise impeding safe traffic flow.  In cases of immediate hazard, the unsafely parked vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense. 

4.5 Special Rules for Recreational and Other Vehicles

  • 4.51 This section is in addition to other traffic regulations and refers to the following types of   vehicles owned by Quail Creek Residents or their guests:  recreation vehicle (RV), trucks that exceed a ¾ ton classification, mobile home, motor home, trailer, camper shell, detached camper, boat, boat trailer or other similar equipment or vehicle.

  • 4.52  Vehicles may be parked where designated by Patrol (with prior permission) and:

    1. in a driveway for up to three (3) consecutive days within a seven (7) day period.  The vehicle must fit comfortably in the driveway so that no part of the vehicle (including attached hitches, racks, etc.) extends past the expansion joint at the end of the driveway before the street or sidewalk.

    2. on the street between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for no more than three (3) consecutive days within a seven (7) day period and not closer than seventy-five (75) feet away from another vehicle parked on the opposite side of the street. 

  • 4.53  No parking is allowed in a cul-de-sac at any time.

4.6 Special Rules for Commercial Vehicles

  • 4.61  A commercial vehicle is one that has visible lettering or logo that identifies or advertises a business or for-profit organization, or that is used for business or commercial purposes in the development.

  • 4.62   While conducting business in Quail Creek, a commercial vehicle must be parked in a safe manner in a driveway, on a residential street, in a parking lot, or other appropriate area (such as a loading zone or an area specified by Patrol).

  • 4.63  It is a violation to park any commercial vehicle overnight on any street, parking lot, driveway, residential lot or common area within Quail Creek in such a manner as to be visible from neighboring property or from any street, unless prior approval has been received from Patrol.