Senergy Solar

Senergy Gives Back!

We have teamed up this year with Givepower and Titan Solar Power for the '1 FOR 1 in 2021' project to Give Back to developing countries in need of clean water and energy. We are donating $1 per solar panel that goes on our customer's roof's. Going Solar just got even better! When you put Solar on your roof with Senergy, you will be giving back in a big way! Together we can solve the global water crisis in a sustainable way. $1 provides 365 days of access for someone in a developing country, to clean water that is powered by the sun. We're so grateful for Loanpal for founding, organizing, and supporting this amazing project that we can now be a part of along with all of our customers!

Lizzy Khadija Enriquez

Thinking you may not have the money to invest upfront for solar?

Get qualified for a loan and get access to the 26% federal tax credit. With approved loan financing you'll be locked in at a fixed price that still saves you money per month when it comes to your utility bill.

Senergy solar offers affordable options to meet to the budget of just about any homeowner. Rebates and incentives make solar power an even better investment. No hidden fees! Clean energy, lower electric bills, and a “greener” neighborhood are all within reach.

Skilled design is at the heart of any cost-efficient solar energy system. Our custom designs meet your unique residential circumstances. We use the highest quality equipment to meet your individual design and energy usage needs.

Senergy Solar offers some of the state’s most competitive pricing options. You can begin saving on your electric bill every month with little to nothing down. Energy rates continue to rise from year to year, which means that your savings will only increase as time goes by making your solar panels a better and better investment. Solar power is a win-win for you and the environment, and it is an affordable solution. Contact Lizzy or Carlos to get your free quote. It’s the smart energy choice!


Solar power doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Senergy Solar is equipped to care for every step of your solar installation process from design to connection to the power grid.

The first step is the onsite consultation. We can discuss your options with you and make sure that solar is a viable option for your location and situation.

Next, we get a customized quote together for you at no charge. The quote will estimate energy savings for you over the next couple of decades giving you a good idea of the dividends your investment will reap.

Customized Solar Design

Within a few days, we will send a surveyor to take the measurements our engineers will need to develop a functional solar energy system for your household.

Our experts will then go to work designing a system that will meet your home’s unique design and energy usage requirements.

1-Day Installation

The majority of the time, your solar panels can be installed in just one day. We’ll pick a day at your convenience. We’ll also make sure that all necessary inspections and permits are taken care of. You can just sit back and watch your solar unit be assembled.

Let There Be Power

As soon as approval is acquired from the electric company, you can turn on your new solar energy system and start producing affordable electricity from day one. It’s the clean and simple energy solution.