Just a Girl and Her Truck

Contact: Laura Cortez
Phone: 520-461-6034
Facebook: Facebook.com/JustaGirlandHerTruck

Need help moving?
Need a load of junk hauled to the dump?
Need a large order picked up from the local hardware store?
Sounds like you need a truck!
Call "Just a Girl and Her Truck!

Whether you need something moved within your house, from one house to the other, a full house move, old junk hauled to the dump, yard cleanup, large orders delivered from the local hardware store, pictures hung on the wall, ceiling fans installed, or light handyman jobs (yep I do that too); I can get it done.
There is not a job too small or too large that I am not willing to do.

Have a piano? No problem! With a can-do attitude
and a little bit of brawn, we can get it done.
When the heavy lifters canceled last minute, my helper and I
showed up to stack a fountain for a Green Valley resident.