Ticket Sales

Ticket sales for the performances or events scheduled at Quail Creek are handled in several ways, depending on who is responsible for the production: the Quail Creek Activities Office, a Quail Creek Committee, e.g., TRIPS Committee or a Quail Creek Club, e.g., the Performing Arts Guild.

For Outside Performers

The 432-seat Crystal Ballroom in the Madera Clubhouse hosts memorable performances by touring professionals, as well as by talented homeowners.

When the Activities Office staff books professional musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, and other entertainers from outside Quail Creek to bring touring shows to Quail Creek, homeowners may purchase tickets online or at Member Services:

  • Onlinequailcreek.showare.com. Online ticket sales start at 6:00 AM.
  • Member Services - Patrons may purchase tickets in person or by phone at Member Services during business hours. Member Services' phone is 520-393-5822. Member Services is located in the Madera Clubhouse lobby.

During the Madera Clubhouse Renovation, Member Services (formerly the Concierge Desk) is temporarily located in the Kino Conference Center, 1490-1 N Quail Range Lp, Kino Conference Room. Temporary Hours of Operation: Weekdays 8 AM to 3 PM.

Friday Night TAD Management Concerts or Monday Variety Concerts season tickets are ordered months in advance through the Activities Office.  Each year’s season package of external, professional performers presents a series of shows from January through March.  At the March productions, season ticket holders receive schedules and forms as they leave the performance to renew their season tickets for the following year.  Once renewal requests have been processed, new patrons may purchase series packages online or at Member Services. Current season ticket holders must submit their renewal forms by the deadline announced in What's Happening and posted on the Community Calendar to retain their current season tickets or request a different row/seats. The Activities Office staff assigns seats for the upcoming season. Once season packages are assigned and purchased, any unfilled seats are sold as single-performance tickets.

The Activities Office also contracts to bring in performers for ticketed events that are sold individually. These may be dinner/dances, e.g., TGIF, New Year's Eve, or other performances and concerts, such as TAD Management concerts. Events and ticket sales are announced in What's Happening as well as the Community Calendar and Madera Clubhouse Facebook page.

Tickets sold at Member Services may be purchased by cash, check (made out to QCCC) or credit card. Only one form of payment may be used per ticket order. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

For Committee-Sponsored Events

Committees, such as the TRIPS Committee, offer guided tours and trips to locations outside of Quail Creek, utilizing carpools for transportation. Group size is limited to approximately 20 individuals. TRIPS tickets are sold by Member Services but are payable by cash only. TRIPS are announced in What's Happening as well as on the Community Calendar.

For Homeowner Performers

When a club, such as the Quail Creek Performing Arts Guild, presents a performance featuring their volunteer members, homeowners purchase tickets in person directly from club members at the locations, dates, and times the club designates.

Ticket sales may be conducted in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse or at the entrance to the Grill Restaurant. Place, day and times are announced in the daily (M-F) What's Happening.

For Non-Performance Events

When other clubs or groups open their events (such as dinner dances, speakers, and presentations) to all homeowners, the sponsoring clubs handle ticket sales themselves. They may promote their event using announcements in What's Happening, the Community Calendar, and their club website as well as articles in the Quail Creek Crossing.

Hearing-Assist Program

Quail Creek’s hearing-assist program is designed to improve the listening experience of hearing-aid users and others who have limited loss of hearing.

The QCPOA has installed wireless, FM, sound-signal transmitters in the Crystal Ballroom. Users of appropriate hearing-assist receivers and headphones are able to receive a sound signal wirelessly and control their own volume for enhanced sound clarity. The hearing-assist signal is transmitted anytime the house sound system is used in the indicated rooms, and for most outside entertainment performed in the theater. 

Individuals may contact the Activities Office, 520-393-2917, to borrow a set of hearing-assist receiver/headphones for a performance. You will be asked to leave your driver's license as a deposit when borrowing an assistive listening device. After the performance, return the listening device and retrieve your license at Member Services.