Renting Property

Property Rental Form and Renter Cards

Prior to the arrival of your Renters, Homeowners will need to complete a rental form.

Rental Policy Form - print and complete; hard copies available at the Concierge Desk, located in the Madera Clubhouse

Rental Extension Form - print and complete; hard copies available at the Concierge Desk, located in the Madera Clubhouse

Rental Policy Form - online form

Upon receipt of the Rental / Property Form the Concierge Desk will prepare "Renter Cards" for pick up by your Renters.

During the Madera Clubhouse Renovation, the Concierge Desk is temporarily located in the Kino Conference Center, 1490-1 N Quail Range Lp, Kino Conference Room. Temporary Hours of Operation: Weekdays 8 AM to 2 PM.

Renter Cards - What are They Good For?

  • Identifies your Renter as a temporary resident in Quail Creek for a specific period of time

  • Allows Renters access to all of the facilities/activities in Quail Creek

  • When presented at the Pro Shop entitles the Renter to homeowner golf rates

  • Required to gain entrance to the Anza Athletic Center and to use the various exercise equipment, attend classes or use the swimming pools

Gate Access Cards (Placards and Tags)

Gate Access Placard:

  • Renters may pay a fee of $5.00 (cash only) at the Concierge Desk in the Madera Clubhouse to obtain a Gate Access Placard.

  • The Gate Access Placard will identify the renter’s vehicle to Patrol, who will open the gate on the inside (left) lane at the Front Gate entrance. 

  • Entrance into Quail Creek is not available at the unmanned Back Gate using the Gate Access Placard.

Gate Access Tag:

  • Renters may purchase an electronic Gate Access Tag for a maximum of two vehicles at a cost of $35.00 each.

  • The Gate Access Tag allows entrance into Quail Creek via both the Front (using the outside / right hand lane) and the Back entrances without assistance.

  • To have the tag installed at the Front Gate call Patrol (520-393-2941) for an appointment.  Renters should complete the “registration form for vehicle window tag installation”, which is available at the Concierge Desk or from the Quail Creek website - Gate Access Tag.  The registration form must be submitted to Patrol prior to the installation of the tag.

Anza Athletic Club:

  • Before using the Anza Athletic Club facilities and equipment Renters must present their Renter Card to the attendant on duty and will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability. 

  • The Waiver of Liability will be valid during the rental period noted on the Renter Card.

Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules

Article 12.2 Renters

  • 12.2.1 Renters must meet the age requirements for living in Quail Creek as stipulated in the CC&Rs. These include, but are not limited to, at least one person per household being forty (40) years or older and no person being under age nineteen (19).

  • 12.2.2 If the Homeowner/Property owner owns one (1) property, the Homeowner must first surrender their cards to the Association before Rental Card(s) will be issued. If a Homeowner/Property owner owns more than one property and is currently not renting all of their properties the Homeowner may retain their Homeowner cards.

  • 12.2.3 Owners and their Renters are jointly and severally liable for any fines or penalties resulting from a violation of any Rules or Regulation. Owners are responsible for making their Renters aware of the club policies, rules and dress codes.

  • 12.2.4 The Association has the authority to suspend the right to use common area recreational facilities of any Renter if any assessment against the Owner’s lot is delinquent.

  • 12.2.5 An Administrative Fee determined by the Board will be applied to each individual Rental Property agreement.

Renters are subject to all Rules in Quail Creek. Renters must be given a copy of the Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules  Please ensure that renters review POA Rules regarding Parking in Quail Creek, Article 4.4. See Governing Documents

Questions?  Please call the Concierge Desk at 520-393-5822.