Books by Yasmin John-Thorpe

Want to give your grandchildren Sonoran Desert Books for Christmas? Non-readers?
How about Pete the Pelican for Dyslexia learners?
Contact Yasmin John-Thopre @ 520.648.0014.
All titles are $10.

Contact: Yasmin John-Thorpe
Phone: 520.648.0014
Quail Creek resident

Hammer and Shadow adventure books created by her grandson, Eben (3-4 yrs old), aka Hammer, and Yasmin, aka Shadow!

Pete the Pelican

Pete the Pelican wakes one sunny morning near an island in the Caribbean Sea. Pete is hungry and he notices the villagers have cast their fishing nets. Pete and all the other pelicans know a breakfast of fresh fish is not far away!

Special edition for students with dyslexia who have had instruction in the 26 alphabet letters, and -ck, -sh, -th, -all, -ong, and -ing. They should also be able to decode consonant-vowel-consonant words as well as CVCC and CCVCC words.